Tecai – Cleaning solutions for air-conditioning systems

Cleaning solutions for air-conditioning systems

Our duct cleaning equipment will help you with your cleaning service.

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Any building with an HVAC system requires regular professional cleaning to keep the system free of contaminants and functioning properly. Otherwise, clients will face health risks, inadequate system performance, increased energy consumption and higher electricity bills. Fort is the ultimate stop for cutting edge air duct cleaning systems for the following clients

  • Homes

  • Offices

  • Hospitals

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Facilities
The Technology

We provide a wide range of state-of-the-art air duct cleaning systems, including both robotic brushing and air injection systems. The robotic duct cleaning systems utilize the most advanced technologies in the market to allow HVAC system inspection, cleaning, and sanitization up to three times faster than alternative technologies. Our product selection includes both electric and pneumatic brushing systems to clean a variety of duct sizes.

Using our air injection systems, HVAC ducts can be thoroughly cleaned at record speeds by injecting large volumes of compressed air through the full length of the duct to remove all dust, dirt, and other particles. Both methods allow highly efficient, cost-effective cleaning for the most competitive services.

The Process

The robotic brushing systems employ rotary brushes that loosen contaminants from the surface the air ducts. Loosened particles are then sucked out with a powerful vacuum with HEPA filtering. Air injection systems inject pressurized air directly into the ducts, trapping all dirt and other particles adhering to the surface of the duct and swiftly removing it through a suction sleeve connected to our vacuum systems. Our products verify that the entire length of the duct is clean with a micro-camera for inspection.