Tegras –Cleaning solutions for kitchen exhaust systems

Cleaning solutions for kitchen exhaust systems


Clients in restaurants, cafes and residential buildings require powerful, professional kitchen exhaust cleaning to eliminate fire hazards caused by the accumulation of grease, rust, and other buildup. To ensure a safe and clean kitchen for their customers, industrial cleaners must be equipped with the most advanced technology for cleaning ventilation systems.

Our kitchen exhaust cleaning systems provide the ultimate cleaning solutions for:

  • Restaurants

  • Cafes

  • Residences

Fort provides highly advanced kitchen exhaust cleaning systems that employs high power robotic brushing systems combined with automatic foam generators to dissolve and remove even the most severe grease build up within ducts, hoods, and extractor fans. With the most powerful and durable pneumatic motors on the market – 11.6 Nm max. torque and highly advanced automatic foam generator. We also provide ultrasonic technology to clean kitchen filters and utensils.


Our kitchen exhaust cleaning systems allow surfaces to be cleaned faster with a combination of innovative technologies working simultaneously. Foam is produced by an automatic foam generator and injected through a brushing robot by a powerful motor, enabling highly efficient cleaning of the entire kitchen exhaust system. Our foam generators automatically produce the optimal density of foam to adhere to the walls of the duct and effectively dissolve grease and other build up.