Dry Ice Blasting Machine


Dry ice blasting is a highly effective method for cleaning a variety of industrial settings, where the buildup of hazardous materials requires a powerful, advanced cleaning solution. In warehouses, factories, power plants and more, dry ice blasting can be used to efficiently blast away accumulated dirt, grease, rust, and other particles within the facility. With the state-of-the-art dry ice blasting machine, you can provide the ultimate cleaning solutions for the following industries:

  • Aviation

  • Automobile

  • Oil & Gas

  • Food

  • Plastic

  • Foundry

  • Printing

  • Maritime

  • Construction
The Technology

The Dry ice blasting machine is the ideal tool for industrial cleaners. The machine targets surface with accelerated soft dry ice (solid CO2) at high speeds within a pressurized air stream to completely remove unwanted substances without damaging equipment. Our advanced dry ice blasting technology is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly: the machine cleans without causing fire or electrical hazards, leaves behind no residue and does not require disassembly. Furthermore, the technology prevents exposure to potentially harmful chemical cleaning agents, making it safer for your team and without the need to disassemble machinery in most cases, our dry ice blasting machine enables up to 80% faster cleaning than other industrial cleaning methods

The Process

With our dry ice blasting machine, 3mm dry ice pellets are accelerated to over 150 m / s  within a compressed air jet, the blasted at a surface through a blasting hose. The dry ice  immediately sublimates and returns to the atmosphere as CO2, while the surface is left  entirely free of residue and contaminants.

The innovative dry ice blasting machine enables dry ice pellets to be crushed at different  strengths into finer particles so that a variety of surfaces can be cleaned – even highly  sensitive surfaces.