Robotic equipment for a perfect verification of extraction systems. 30 m range.

Low consumption


Easy use




High Definition


Do you want to make your clients aware of the importance of cleaning conduits?

Visiogras is the tool you need. When we talk about the cleaning of conduits in extraction systems, often what is not seen or cannot be shown is the obstacle that puts off a job that is always required.
That’s why Visiogras is your ideal partner when it comes to justifying the need to carry out a cleaning job. Grease (which is not visible) inside the ducts acts as a conductor of fire in the event of combustion.
This accessory is recommended for use with the TEGRAS Multipro brush robot. Your monitor can be used both on Visioair and Visiobot systems.

Robust and Reliable

When it comes to inspecting exhaust system conduits, you need a robust and reliable tool like Visiogras. Its stainless-steel structure and reinforced head protects the internal technology and the camera for video inspection.

High Quality Recording

Show your clients why they need conduit cleaning, as well as the effectiveness of TEGRAS robots once the work is done. The high-resolution robot camera allows you to capture any detail inside the conduits.

Not afraid of the dark

With its powerful multiled system, Visiogras is designed to penetrate into the darker conduits of extraction systems.
It allows vertical inspections, lifting the hose with the camera from the top of the conduits.

  • <div class=”col-md-8″>The diaphragm keyboard that includes Visiograms on its control panel allows you to make recordings with date and time stamp and store them on an SD card.
    Your 9” monitor allows you to view live inspection as well as recordings stored on the SD card.
    It works perfectly in square or round conduits.</div><div class=”col-md-4″></div>

  • <div class=”col-md-12″>The visualisation system is folded, so that it remains flat on the robot, for comfortable and secure transport.
    If you have a Visioair system (a compressed air conditioning cleaning system) or a Visiobot, or you are thinking about purchasing one in the future, you can use a display unit for them, as it is multifunctional for both systems.</div>

    •  It sets you apart from the competition
    •  Reinforces the presentation of the need for cleaning to a client
    •  Monitors all recordings of jobs, and allows you to keep a detailed record.
    •  It is the best partner before, during and after the conduit cleaning works
    •  Allows your client to discover any problem inside the conduits.
    • Never gets stuck.
    • Lights up the most inaccessible corners so that nothing escapes inspection