Kitchen exhaust systems


How often do we hear about fires in restaurants in the news? The truth is that if we start to count them, we would be surprised. How often are we told what causes them? We will soon realise when we pay attention that it is never explained, but the main cause is always the same GREASE

Grease also creates irritating smoke and bad smells that can have a negative effect on your clients reputation, which is another reason, if not the most important, to make sure the extraction systems are thoroughly cleaned.

Grease accumulates on the different elements of the kitchen’s extraction system, and is always the element which triggers the fire, which makes it very dangerous, but in fact it is relatively easy to remove.

Anything ELSE? Well, yes. Grease will build up and block the conduits, eventually paralyzing the extraction system, leading to a reduction in the performance of the installation and an increase in energy consumption.

Apart from the fire hazard, grease is also the cause of other potentially dangerous risks, as it generates contamination and the proliferation of disease, mould, fungus and bacteria that can make us ill.

A general in-depth cleaning of the kitchen extraction system, followed by posterior maintenance cleaning of the same, is the only guarantee of a healthy, safe installation.


Industrial kitchens have extraction systems designed to expel smoke and smells. The fumes expelled are high grease which builds up in filters, hoods, conduits and the extractor. This grease is highly inflammable, and is responsible for most fires which occur in restaurants. Dirty systems also force the ventilator to work harder, consuming more energy than necessary, creating unpleasant smells, through inadequate ventilation. By regularly cleaning out the installation, you can avoid these unnecessary risks.


By specializing in the technical cleaning sector, you will be able to stand out against the competition. There is also a huge market to satisfy with these services, offering your clients solutions to the problems generated by a lack of maintenance cleaning.


How much would one of your clients pay to prevent a fire in their restaurants? Whatever it took, surely.


The Regulations on Heat Installations state that the elements of a kitchen extraction system, hood, conduits and extractor must all be free of grease.


There are over 200,000 businesses in Spain in the catering business, without including the kitchens of other facilities such as hospitals, offices and schools. It has been calculated that roughly 30% of these kitchens carry out regular cleaning of their extraction systems


After studying this data, we can clearly state that the business of cleaning air-conditioning systems in Spain is in a phase of full expansion and represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and for cleaning and facility services who want to diversify their areas of business.


From the simplest cleaning solution to the most advanced on the market, allowing you to use the latest technology to tackle larger jobs, you can start your own business or start a new line in your company.


TEGRAS equipment is so easy to use that it can be handled by just one or two persons, making your investment even more profitable. If you have ever thought about it, if you are reading this now, now is the time! This is the time to enter the business of cleaning kitchen extraction systems. A business that is booming.