Intelligent active foam generator.

Low consumption


Easy use




Rinse Power


Sound Level


The new generation of intelligent foam is a reality

iFoam Pro is an integrated generator of intelligent foam. By integrated we mean that you can forget the compressor, those tricky bottles of chemicals, and everything else you have needed until now. iFoam Pro offers you everything you need to clean hoods, plenums and the motors of extractor systems.

Why iFoam Pro

Its Multijet system automatically regulates all the parameters of the degreasing foam generation guaranteeing the perfect adherence of the chemical to any surface and dissolving the grease in an effective way.

It includes its own integrated air compressor. It is a completely autonomous equipment.

Includes high pressure rinse module (150 bar / 2175 psi) and hydro-brushing, Rotojet system, to descale the most persistent grease.

ECO mode, reduces the consumption of degreaser when performing maintenance cleaning.

Angle adjustable lance. Easily reaches the most inaccessible sites.

Easy Touch. Easy and intuitive control through touch screen.

Chemical connection system “bag in box”. Avoids spills, guaranteeing greater security, comfort and savings.

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Electric power supply 220 V/50Hz - 110 V/60Hz
Hydraulic supply with mains hot water min.1 bar/14 psi // max. 60ºC
Length of hose 8 mts / 26 ft
Pump power high pressure 150 Bar/ 2175 psi
Pump power low pressure 8 Bar/ 116 psi
Noise level Under 70 dB
Control panel Tactil panel 7'' HMI
High pressure pump power 220V = 2200 W // 110 V = 1500 W
Structure material Stainless Steel
Dimensions L x A x Al L x W x H 575 x 410 x 1135 mm // 22,6 x 16 x 44,6 pulg
Unloaded weight 67 Kg / 147 Lb



  • Manual (USB)
  • High pressure rinse and foam injection lance
  • Revolving nozzle
  • Directional Nozzles
  • Filtration system