Pneumatic duct cleaning brushing robot

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The importance of eliminating the grease you can’t see

With over 20 years’ experience in the business of cleaning kitchen extractor systems, we can only guarantee you one thing, our equipment WORKS. Cleaning up grease is no easy job, it is really difficult.

This is why Tegras combined with the iFoam intelligent foam generators and the powerful chemical COMEGRAS, plus the effect of heat and air, create a foam that “melts” the most stubborn grease of all. Unlike other electric systems prone to faults or overheating, Tegras Forte is guaranteed to work without interruption for as long as it takes.

Why choose Forte brush duct cleaning machine?

– Powerful pneumatic motor (11.6 Nm max. torque) needed to drag the grease.
– 100% stainless steel motor in its external and internal part for greater durability and maintenance free.
– 25 meters of semi-rigid hose that will allow you to work vertically (even up and down), horizontally and make 90º bends.
– Connected to our ifoam foam generators, it allows you to inject, through the head, degreasing foam and rinse the inside of the ducts at the same time as brushing.

  • DUO Square
  • The DUO Square system combines two brush core, the outside dimensions up to the inner conduit and the appropriate size to reach an effective brushing the corner


    Engine power supply Compressed air 12 cfm – 116 psi
    Length of hose 25 m / 984 inch
    Maximum rotational speed 500 rpm
    Maximum torque 11,6 Nm // 102,7

    Noise level Under 70 dB
    Control panel Pneumatic control
    Direction of rotation Right / Left
    Structure material Stainless steel
    Dimensions L x A x Al L x W x H 1060 x 547 x 1075 mm
    Total weight 80 Kg / 172 lb



    • Pack of Allen keys
    • Lubricating oil
    • Combined hose
    • Head kit