Cleaning and inspecting air duct robot

Low consumption


Easy use




High Definition


Would you like to show your clients the importance of duct cleaning?

Visiobot is the tool you need. When it comes to cleaning ducts, we often put off this vital work because we cannot see the need, or it cannot be demonstrated. However, as stipulated in Royal Decree 283/2015 (Regulation of Heating Installations in Buildings. RITE), inspection before and after cleaning work is necessary. This is why Visiobot is your perfect partner for justifying the need for work to be carried out.

Robust and Reliable

When it comes to inspecting air-conditioning system conduits, you need a robust, reliable tool such as Visiobot. Its stainless steel structure protects the robot’s internal technology.
Non-Stop technology, thanks to the built-in batteries which let it work autonomously for more than 2 hours. It also has a battery status indicator to monitor its level at all times.

  • How does it help you?
  • It reinforces the message for the client that cleaning is needed It monitors all the recordings of the work and lets you keep a detailed record. It is the best partner before, during and after conduit cleaning work. It lets your client examine problems in the interior of the conduits. It never gets stuck, and can even go backwards It lights up the most inaccessible corners, so that the inspection is thorough.


    External Power Supply 220V / 50Hz - 110V / 60Hz
    Built-in battery Status indicator and charger
    Length of cable 20 m / 65 ft extendable to 30 m
    Traction 4-wheels with high torque independent motors
    Camera and lighting High resolution leds with regulation
    Total Weight 15 Kg / 33 lb
    Robot Weight 1,5 Kg / 3,3 lb
    Structure material Stainless Steel
    Robot dimensions L x A x Al / L x W x H 190 x 170 x 80 mm / 7,5 x 6,7 x 3 inches
    Briefcase dimensions L x A x Al / L x W x H 530 x 420 x180 mm / 21 x 16,5 x 7 inches



    • · Electric cord 1.5
    • · Mini SD card