Pneumatic duct cleaning brushing robot

Low consumption


Easy use




Sound Level


The ultimate solution in extraction duct cleaning

Correct sanitation of extraction systems in restaurants and collective kitchens results in improved hygiene and working conditions in preparation areas and the elimination of unpleasant odors throughout the establishment (including the dining room). It also improves energy efficiency by up to 40% and a more efficient operation of the system. But ABOVE ALL, with this intervention it is possible to comply with the internal regulations of each country in terms of fire risk prevention and with the requirements of insurance companies in case of claims.
What do you think is the value of all these benefits?
TEGRAS MULTIPRO is the most technologically advanced brushing machine and is the most effective and efficient solution to perform extraction duct cleaning services in restaurants.

Why Tegras Multipro?
  • Because its injection system (in combination with the iFoam family), projects a dense foam that adheres to the inside of the duct walls, dissolving the grease.
  • With its optional video-inspection system, Visiogras, in combination with the centering device, it allows you to obtain a sharp and centered image of the interior of vertical and horizontal ducts. It is the only equipment on the market capable of viewing the duct from bottom to top.
  • For its remote control, which will provide many facilities when operating the equipment and reduce the number of employees needed.
  • For its centraliser system (optional) that allows you to fix the brush in the center of the duct, for easy handling and greater efficiency in cleaning.
  • Powerful pneumatic motor (11.6 Nm max. torque) necessary to remove all types of grease, built entirely in stainless steel (externally and internally) for greater durability and reduced maintenance frequency.
  • 30 meters of semi-rigid hose that will allow you to work vertically (even up and down), horizontally and make 90º bends.
  • Conection
  • Patented system to connect your engine, with the axis of brushing equipment a fast (only 3 screws). Easily for maintenance
  • DUO Square
  • The DUO Square system combines two brush core, the outside dimensions up to the inner conduit and the appropriate size to reach an effective brushing the corner


    Electric power supply 220 V / 50 Hz // 110 V / 60 Hz
    Engine power supply 300 l/min – 8 bar // 10,6 cfm – 8 bar
    Length of hose 98 feet / 1181 inch
    Rotation speed at full power 236,7 rpm

    Rotation speed when empty 500 rpm
    Maximum torque 11,6 Nm // 102,7
    Noise level Under 70 dB
    Control panel Membrane keyboard
    Direction of rotation Right / Left
    Structure material Stainless steel
    Dimensions L x A x Al - L x W x H 1381 x 561 x 1043 mm - 54,37 x 22,09 x 41,06 inches
    Total weight 82 kg // 180,78 lb



    • Pack of Allen keys
    • Lubricating oil
    • Combined hose
    • Head kit